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(Nyaude Education and Industrial Research Company, LLC)

NYAUDE LEARNING ACADEMY is your center Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification.

Our Unique Lean Six Sigma Classes have demonstrated examples in Minitab, R-Plus and Excel

We specialize in Lean, Yellow, Green, Black Belt Training and Certifications

Upon successful completion of any one of the courses offered here, you will have an opportunity to order a prestigious certificate of accomplishment.

Any course completed through Nyaude Learning Academy will definately put a mark on your profession, you will never be the same again. The skills, techniques and concepts covered in each of these courses will differentiate you from everybody else.

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Do yourself a life changing favor and enroll into one of these courses, 
these courses can all be completed fully online - they are all self paced!!

To enroll contact the registrar@nyaudeacademy.com

Alaster Nyaude, CSSBB, CPT, Ph.D.
Nyaude Learning Academy

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