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  • Cost: $400.00
    What is Lean?
    What is Six Sigma?
    Theory of Constraints?
    Exploration of Lean Tools
    1. Lean Strategy Deployment
    1.1 Shingo Model of Lean Transformation
    1.2 Hoshin Kanri Policy deployment
    2. Creating Flow
    2.1 Value stream Mapping and Analysis and example elements of waste
    2.2 5S+1 Workplace organization (FIFO)
    2.3 Rapid Improvement Kaizens and Workouts (A3 – PDCA)
    2.4 Leader Standard work
    2.5 Process Standardization
    2.5.1 Time motion studies
    2.5.2 Labor optimization
    2.5.3 Capacity analysis
    2.6 Set Up Reduction
    2.7 Total Productive Maintenance
    2.8 Kanbans and Supply Replenishment systems
    2.9 Pattern Scheduling
    2.9.1 Production wheel scheduling
    2.9.2 Integer Optimization for machines, OR, OB/GYN etc. scheduling
    3. Sustaining Lean and Six Sigma Gains
    Visual Factory
    Visual Clinic
    3.1 Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI Level 1-3)
    3.2 Production Pulse Boards
    3.3 Kamishibai Boards
    3.4 Gemba Walk
    3.5 Error – Mistake Proofing
    4. Leading In a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    5. Organizational Transformation In Class Exercise
  • This is a data driven course designed to equip learners with capabilities to manipulate complex and simple data without sweating. At the end of the course learners will be able to analyze data using Minitab/SigmaXL and R/S-Plus. Examples are demonstrated and illustrated using both Minitab/SigmaXL and R/S-Plus statistical software.

    Target Group: Students, supervisors, managers, engineers, data analysts, process analysts and anyone interested in data analysis

    Curriculum Outline include but not limited to the following:

    Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Non-Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Criteria for Model Selection, Criteria for Model Validation, Single Factor Design of Experiments (DOE), Two Factors Design of Experiments (DOE), Three Factors Design of Experiments (DOE), K-factor Experiments with two Levels, and Fractional Factorial Designs and etc

    Software and Materials included

  • In this course you will learn about:

    Creating Flow - One Piece Flow (Production, Clinic, Hospital, Hospitality, etc (OPF)

    Kanban Calculations and levels determination based on demand and other parameters such as Lead Time

    Set Up Reduction (Production and in Clinics/Hospitals) - SUR

    Total Preventive Maintenance (Production and in Clinics/Hospitals)

    Value Stream Mapping - VSM/VSA examples come from Production and from Clinics/Hospitals)

    5S+1 workplace organization System

    Hoshin Kanri Planning and Policy Deployment

    Lean Maturity Model of Lean Transformation: Shingo Operational Excellence Road Map

    Jidoka, Error/Mistake Proofing Including PFMEA/DFMEA

    Pull Systems - stock replenishment systems, Kanbans calculations, FIFO

    Pattern scheduling (Production Wheel scheduling, Integer Optimization scheduling

    A3, 8D, 4S, 4D and Systems Thinking; PDCA Thinking

    Lean Deployment Strategies

    Standard work (Leader Standard Work, Process Standardization, Time motion studies, capacity analysis, labor optimization

    VaVe - Value Analysis Value Engineering

    TWI - Training Within Industry

    ROI - costing out projects and interventions

    If you are interested in additional information please contact our registrar -- registrar@nyaudeacademy.com

  • This is the Academy's masterpiece.

    Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt graduates will be able to comfortably work in MINITAB/SigmaXL, and S/R-Plus. Graduates will also be introduced to the Nyaude Problem Solving Model useful when working on any kind project.

    Curriculum: please contact registrar@nyaudeacademy.com for a full and detailed course description.

    Topics include: Full DMAIC roadmap, Multiple variables and Response Optimization, Process Optimization Designs, an in-depth look at SPC, Advanced MSA, Advanced DOE - including Advanced Full Factorial & Fractional Experiments, Taguchi Experiments, Lean Systems, Managing Six Sigma projects, Managing and Sustaining Control after Project Implementation, Project ROI determinatioin.

    To earn the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, learners will be required to pass a written test, submit a project and complete all course assignments/exercises.

    Great Course to take, Curriculum is comparable to none, the ONLY best package in the industry. Data Analysis MODELS examples are shown in both MINITAB/SigmaXL and R-Plus. Course software and materials will be provided at no extra cost!!

    Check it out!!!

  • Our Green Belt Learners are equiped to tackle small to medium size projects with capacity to perform full DMAIC, ROI, Project Cost Outing, Perform Data analysis in either MINITAB/SigmaXL or S/R-Plus. Most examples are in MINITAB/SigmaXL.

    Some of the topics included in the curriculum include:

    Problem defination, charter, team formation, thought process, process map, C&E matrix, Basic statistics (mean, stdev, normal distribution,), SPC and corresponding charts, graphical methods, (hypothesis testing (normal data, non-normal data), means testing, proportion testing, bar charts, histograms, pareto, box, marginal and dot plots), Statistical ANOVA, Chi-square, t-tests, Simple and Linear Regression, Correlation, Factorial Design DOE, introduction to lean systems thinking, Process controls (CTQ, PFMEA, DFMEA, Control plans, Quality Alerts, Process Audits) and Project Cost out.

    Test + Project = Certification

    Our Green Belt Certification holder is distinguishable from the rest. Check it out for yourself. This course is a great deal!!!

    Contact the registrar@nyaudeacademy.com to register or for further inquiry

  • The main theme of the course is to drive results for exemplary business performance.
    Coaching for Breakthrough performance course equips aspiring leaders, junior and senior leaders with techniques/tools/models for coaching and leading employees for high performance. Performance targets are: to increase productivity by creating flow, reduce excessive inventory levels by using simple pull systems, reduce operational expenses - by taking out unnecessary waste, reducing complexity of manufacturing systems and processes, reduce lead time and thereby generating bigger profit margins for the business.

    The last part of the training takes learners through personal coaching and teaches learners how to unlock limitless opportunities for themselves and others. Learners will be equipped with skills and techniques for self motivation, using the concept of rationalism and emotionalism, giving and receiving feedback, goal setting, PTP - Performance to Target ideology, etc, etc

    Price include and Course materials!!!

    What a great course!!

  • Strategy Formulation, deployment and execution
    Leadership Flexodaptability
    Unlocking organizational performance (customer focus strategy, financial strategy, marketing strategy, computing through technology, winning with organizational intelligence (human capital and other key resources), organizational learning, business process revitalization, learning and growth investment, performance dashboards, and Leading in a culture of continous improvement, etc.
    Real world case study of organizational turn around
  • For additional information about this course please contact the registrar at registrar@nyaudeacademy.com


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